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Falcon Auto Recycle location

We are the New Generation of car parts retailers. We all want to buy the best quality car parts while we save money. Well why not do that and be helpful to our environment at the same time. There is no reason you can't do it all. That's where we come in.

Our Mission:

to provide high quality previously owned original manufacturer's auto parts to individual motorist, insurance companies, auto mechanics, and body shops in a clean and friendly environment.

Falcon Auto Recycle attracts customers because of its' extensive available inventory of late model domestic and foreign auto parts in an atmosphere that is conducive to making the task of purchasing recycled parts more enjoyable and cost effective. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff takes pride in their ability to do their jobs efficiently and effectively, where our customers benefit by receiving quality and professional customer service. Our job is to give our customers a mix of options and make purchasing car parts a pleasant experience.

Our goal has always been to take an existing industry and revolutionize it, with a new business approach to the auto parts industry. Our method is simple, but unique, creating an environment that is functional, but more attractive, inviting, and convenient with great concentration on customer appreciation, competitive pricing and above all, added knowledgeable service, where the surrounding competitors are lacking.

With a league of experienced professionals on our team, our customer's satisfaction is guaranteed. Our operations manager and supporting staff have been working in the auto service industry for over 20 years. Our team is a remarkable assemblage of individuals with extensive knowledge in auto parts, mechanics, and recycled technologies.

Our environmentally conscious motto promotes "Green Living", which elevates the standards associated with this industry by selling our recycled car parts in a safe and chemically clean space.

We will also offer our customers the following added services: